Cute little boy visiting children's doctor, space for text. Eye Exams for Children
Why Eye Exams for Children are Important

Children need good vision for healthy physical development. Young children are still developing their vision systems and the eyes and brain need to work together for normal development.  Impaired vision can affect a child’s day to day life in many different ways. They can struggle in school (some experts say 80% of learning is visual) […]

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kids and sleep; Adorable little boy sleeping in bed
Kids and Sleep: How Much Do They Really Need?

Sleep is an integral part of staying healthy for everyone. With kids, it is even more important for their growing bodies to get plenty of rest so they can develop properly. But it can be an uphill battle getting them to bed on time. So, how much sleep do kids really need?  The amount of […]

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Developmental Milestones for Baby’s First Year; close up of baby feet doing the first steps
Developmental Milestones for Baby’s First Year

Every child develops at their own rate, but here the various milestones you can expect in your baby’s first year as outlined by the American Pediatric Association:

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Summer safety; Smiling six year old boy in a sunny swimming pool
Summer Safety: What Parents Need to Know

Here are some helpful summer safety tips for parents to keep in mind and help make the most of this season:

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