Feeding is one of the most common concerns for parents of newborns. How will the baby be fed? How often? Breastfed or formula? As with every patient and situation, each family is different and will need to make the choice that fits them best.

Since breastfeeding or formula feeding can often be a decision that needs a little help, HealthPark Pediatrics has a lactation consultant on staff who can help you through the process.

Whether you need some help getting started with breastfeeding, or if you have questions about what formula is the right choice, we are here to coach you, help you, and encourage you.

Our lactation consultant is trained to help mothers with a variety of challenges surrounding breastfeeding, including:

  • Latching difficulties
  • Painful nursing
  • Low milk production
  • Inadequate weight gain
  • Advice about breastfeeding equipment and supplies

Our lactation services can also help women meet their nursing goals when they are faced with special challenges such as returning to work or school.

Meet Wendy Gast, LPN, CLC

Wendy is our on-site Lactation Consultant. She is a Raleigh native and a graduate of North Carolina State University. She has over nine years of experience in pediatrics. Wendy provides a personalized non-judgmental approach to families that need support with feeding their newborns but also understands that parents need to make educated decisions to best fit the needs of their family. In her spare time, she enjoys family, working on her urban farm, and relaxing by creating glass treasures.

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