Young Happy Blonde Soccer Player Running with Ball on Training. Coach of Youth Football Team Explaining Drill Exercise in the Background. Caucasian Soccer Players on Practice Session; blog: Sports Physicals for Kids: What to Expect
Sports Physicals for Kids: What to Expect

It may seem like the year just began, but it’s already time to think about preparing for spring sports season. If your child is part of a school team or recreational league, they will probably need to get a physical in order to participate in their chosen sport. Many states, schools, and organizations require physical […]

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little boy writing in a journal
Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

The start of a new year is a perfect time to talk to your child about setting goals and forming healthy habits. Implementing positive changes can be helpful at any age. Spend time as a family to write down resolutions that resonate with your child and talk about how your family can work together to […]

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Calm smiling mother with cute little daughter doing yoga exercise at home, pretty girl and attractive mum with closed eyes sitting in lotus pose on couch, relaxing together, family exercise; blog: 9 Mental Health Tips for Kids in Stressful Times
9 Mental Health Tips for Kids in Stressful Times

Just because kids don’t bear the same responsibilities as adults, that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel scared or anxious during stressful times. We’ve come up with a list of mental health tips for kids during stressful times. These tips can help both you and your child get through crises and times of uncertainty. 1. […]

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Baby girl trying to open the kitchen cabinet – baby proofing the door; blog: How to Babyproof Your Home
How to Babyproof Your Home

Before you bring your baby home from the hospital, you need to make sure that home is a safe place for them. Some baby proofing should be done immediately, but some things can be put off until later when crawling and walking are imminent. The more you get done before, the less you’ll have to […]

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Kids’ Fevers: How High is Too High?

Fevers often get a bad rap, particularly when it comes to children. Although they leave many parents worried, in most people, a fever is rarely dangerous.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

If you’re pregnant, recently moved to a new area, or are unhappy with your current provider, here are some helpful tips for choosing a pediatrician:

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Sick child, toddler boy lying on the couch in living room with a fever, mom cheching his temperature, resting at home; blog: cold versus flu how to tell the difference
Cold Versus Flu: How to Tell the Difference

Now that summer is fading and we are moving into fall, you might be starting to worry about common cold-weather illnesses like colds and the flu. Children are susceptible to this type of illness due to being in close proximity to other children and adults for extended periods of time. Also, in the colder months […]

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Doctor vaccinating little boy in hospital; Blog: Are Vaccines safe for children?
Are Vaccines Safe for Children?

Vaccinations are one of the most basic ways to protect your child’s health, but you may have questions about them before you make your decision.

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Baby's visit to the doctor
A Guide to Your Baby’s Checkups

As a new parent, you know your infant is growing and developing rapidly during his or her first few months after delivery. At HealthPark Pediatrics, you have an experienced medical partner working with you to ensure you’re setting up your newborn for a healthy and happy future. We recently covered what you can expect at […]

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Adorable asian newborn baby girl check up examines by pediatrician doctor. Female doctor hand using stethoscope examining little cute baby infant heart and lung in clinic. Baby health care concept.
What to Expect at Your Baby’s First Doctor’s Visit

From the time an expectant mother is taken into the hospital to deliver their baby, to the recovery time in the hospital, discharge, and life at home with a newborn, the first few days with an infant can be a whirlwind. It’s likely that baby’s first big outing will be to their appointment with their […]

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