benefits of breastfeeding
The Benefits of Breastfeeding

As a new mother, you’ll be faced with many decisions, including whether or not breastfeeding is right for you. There are many breastfeeding benefits, which is likely why many mothers decide to take this route with their newborns. At HealthPark Pediatrics, we support each family’s decision to choose whichever newborn feeding option best suits them. […]

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easily distracted children
5 Methods For Raising Easily Distracted Children

It seems like these days distractions are endless, especially when it comes to your child’s daily life. Raising easily distracted children can have its challenges, but it can be pretty simple with the proper approach. The inability to stay focused is a common sign of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); however, this behavior alone is […]

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travel with children
How To Effectively Travel With Children

Once you are taking a child into consideration, many previous tasks become slightly more challenging. Travel is one of these. Whether you are flying, driving, taking the bus, or even a train, there are so many moving parts that it can become overwhelming. Take some time before the trip to get the following steps prepared, […]

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child's first aid kit
Your Child’s First Aid Kit: What to Pack This Summer

As summer approaches, so do your child’s new activities and fun. With any action comes the chance you may require a first aid kit. It doesn’t always mean something dangerous has happened, but the products in a first aid kit can make it much easier to handle many situations that come your way. Take away […]

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Guy with his father are resting and talking about teenage life / blog - about sexual health
6 Tips For Teaching Your Child About Sexual Health

One of the challenges that come with raising children is deciding how and when to talk to them about sexual health. While it may be universal information, the talk can vary greatly by the child. It is a series of topics that can be decided by personal choices by the parent on how to best […]

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sad african american kid holding hands with divorced foster parents isolated on grey / blog - ways to co-parent
6 Effective Ways To Co-Parent

Making the choice to find ways to co-parent your child can seem to come with a lot of challenges to figure out. For the child’s sake and your own, finding ways to make the process as effective as possible is important. Implementing a few if not all of these strategies will provide mutual benefits in […]

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Mother holding child safety seat with baby near car outdoors / blog - bringing home your baby
6 Must-Haves When Bringing Home Your Baby

Bringing home your baby is an exciting moment in time. It also can bring stress when deciding what you are going to need. Getting from the hospital to the house may not be far, but it requires multiple moving parts.  Essentials To Bringing Home Your Baby  Ensuring you have everything you need for bringing home […]

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World Autism awareness and pride day or month with Puzzle pattern ribbon on blue wooden background. / blog - autism awareness month
National Autism Awareness Month: Understanding Autism in Children

April is National Autism Awareness Month! As a result, this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about autism and people’s important questions about it. At HealthPark Pediatrics, we are here to provide information that can help you and your family.  Learning About Autism Awareness Month Autism Awareness Month provides an opportunity for the stigma […]

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kid girl eating healthy food at home / blog - introducing solid foods
Introducing Solid Foods: A Basic Guide

Your child’s eating progress can seem like a journey. Once they have mastered consuming more mashed-up foods, it could be time to move on to introducing solid foods. This is a big step in your child’s development. It comes with challenges and questions, but every parent has this transition to make.  Introducing Solid Foods To […]

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Children holding toys, concept of the childhood / blog - safe toys for children
7 Tips for Buying Safe Toys for Children

When it comes to finding safe toys for children, how many options are on the shelves can be overwhelming. There are so many toys that seem like the perfect addition, and one may have captured your child’s attention. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best toy options.  Finding Safe Toys For Your […]

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