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From the time an expectant mother is taken into the hospital to deliver their baby, to the recovery time in the hospital, discharge, and life at home with a newborn, the first few days with an infant can be a whirlwind. It’s likely that baby’s first big outing will be to their appointment with their pediatrician. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a newborn’s first well-visit should be 3-5 days after birth. We’ll be covering what you can expect at your baby’s first doctor’s appointment

Hospital Instructions

If your newborn was discharged from the hospital with specific follow-up instructions from the doctor, please call us and schedule your appointment accordingly. Appointment slots are always available for your newborn.

If your newborn was discharged from the hospital without specific follow-up instructions from the doctor, please call us and schedule a newborn follow-up visit for two to three days after discharge. Again, appointment slots are always reserved for newborn babies.

Who Should Be There?

We suggest bringing your partner or the baby’s other primary caregiver to the first doctor’s appointment. It’s easier to take care of your newborn, listen to the doctor’s questions and advice and remember which questions you wanted to ask if there are two people there helping. We know the first few days can be overwhelming, but this first appointment is meant to help provide new parents with useful information and peace of mind. 

How to Prep and What to Bring

We know new parents aren’t getting a lot of sleep and it can be hard to remember everything, so we recommend writing down any questions you have for your child’s pediatrician as they come to mind so you don’t forget. Try dressing your newborn in clothing that is simple to take on and off since the pediatrician will examine your baby’s entire body. Consider bringing a change of clothes, extra diapers and wipes as well as a blanket, pacifier, any feeding supplies or other necessities.  

Patient Forms and Paperwork

At HealthPark Pediatrics, all of our patient forms are located conveniently on our website and can be found here. When you come for your baby’s first checkup, it’s important to bring any relevant discharge paperwork from the hospital, a record of your baby’s weight upon discharge, and any known complications during pregnancy or birth. Much of our Initial Health Questionnaire includes questions about your family’s medical history, which is also important for your child’s pediatrician to know. 


Once you are taken back from the waiting room, we will weigh your baby and measure their height, width, and head circumference. The pediatrician will fully examine your baby, provide insight into their health and answer any additional questions you might have. They will also check the baby’s neck, collarbone, and hips. A reflex check, pulse check, and genitalia check will also be performed. The doctor will ask about your baby’s feeding habits so far as well as their digestive system and sleeping habits. 

Make An Appointment

Expectant parents, families with newborns, or families new to Raleigh can contact our team here at HealthPark Pediatrics for assistance planning and scheduling regular pediatric care. Give our office a call at (919) 896-7066 to talk to a team member about making an appointment.

At HealthPark Pediatrics, the health and safety of our staff and patients is our top concern. We are taking steps to ensure that you and your child will be safe while visiting our office. This includes using a separate entrance for sick visits, limiting the number of staff and physicians, observing social distancing guidelines, and offering telemedicine visits.