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As a parent, you make many decisions for your child. Moreover, one of the major decisions is deciding what immunizations to give your child during COVID-19. This has been a conflicting time for opinions and decisions for parents all over the country. As a result, understanding the importance of childhood immunizations can give you peace of mind. 

Learning the Importance of Childhood Immunizations

On top of complex decision-making is the feeling of not knowing everything one needs to know to make the call. Here at HealthPark Pediatrics, we want to give you all information regarding the importance of childhood immunizations. 

We Take Our Immunization Guidelines Seriously

At HealthPark Pediatrics, we follow the immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for children from birth to 18 years of age. 

They Create Immunizations For A Reason 

According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, vaccines are essential for protecting children from infectious diseases. Many people in the country largely forget many of the conditions that the vaccines are for. However, the result of the diseases during their peak is why these vaccines are still just as necessary today. Looking into the past of any of these diseases gives the importance of childhood immunizations.   

What Immunizations Do For Your Child

Children who are vaccinated give their immune systems the ability to form infection-fighting antibodies that help them develop these diseases if exposed to them later in life. With the full schedule discussed below, children can have most of their vaccinations completed by 6 years old. It can also contribute to “herd immunity,” which even helps those children or adults who cannot be vaccinated. 

Immunizations Schedules Are A Key Part Of The Process   

There is a specific immunization schedule that we follow at our center. Through the information provided, it is essential to not delay or skip vaccines for your children as it could leave the child vulnerable to disease for a more extended period. Furthermore, this schedule is as follows: 

  • Influenza (Flu)
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
  • Meningitis (MenACWY/MenB)
  • Hepatitis B (HepB)
  • Haemophilus influenzae type B (HiB)
  • Pneumococcal (PCV)
  • Rotavirus (RV)
  • Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (DTaP)
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Keeping to this schedule is part of the importance of childhood immunizations. As a result, it makes the process more comprehensive for a parent as they know exactly what to expect next. 

Learning About The COVID-19 Vaccination

At HeathPark Pediatrics, we are committed to keeping your children safe during all stages and changes in medicine. COVID-19 vaccinations are available at our office for children 12 and up. We are here to discuss the vaccine and provide you with answers to any questions you may have before scheduling this appointment for your child. 

There Are Plenty of Resources To Learn About Each Immunization

Apart from the vaccine information statements we provide at each of your HealthPark Pediatrics well visits, there are plenty of other sources of information on immunizations. 

  • The Department of Health and Human Services lays out their top five reasons to get your child vaccinated here
  • The Mayo Clinic provides the importance of a schedule and how to make sure you are following the best vaccine requirements here

However, if you are looking for even more resources, discuss the importance of childhood immunizations with your child’s physician to get an even more personalized explanation. 

We Recognize Your Job Of Making The Decision

At HeathPark Pediatrics, we know that parents worry about making the right decisions for their children. While we are here to provide services and guidance, you are the one that has the final say. However, it is not advisable to miss or delay vaccines on the schedule. Finally, there are rare cases where we would consider alternate programs for parents who hesitate to vaccines. 

The importance of childhood immunizations is seen in many factors of the process. It can seem like a lot of information to take in regarding your child’s health. Do you have questions about your child’s immunizations or the COVID-19 vaccine specifically? Then, request an appointment through our website or give us a call at (919) 896-7066.