holidays with a newborn

Another year is coming to an end as the holidays approach. If 2022 was the year your family expanded, you’ve already faced many changes throughout pregnancy and as new parents. The holidays can be stressful enough without a new child in the mix. However, celebrating the holidays with a newborn are memories you’ll hold on to for a lifetime. Be sure to keep the following in mind to make the most out of the holidays with your family. 

Celebrating the Holidays with a Newborn

There are so many “firsts” to look forward to with your newborn, including the holiday season. Celebrating the holidays with a newborn is a magical experience, but it can come with new challenges. At HealthPark Pediatrics, our providers are there to be a resource for parents as well as keep their children healthy. Here are our best tips for celebrating with a newborn. 

  1. Keep Things Simple

During the holidays, people love to go overboard with planning and festivities. Your first holiday season with a baby is one that should stay simple. The joy of your new child and sharing that joy with your loved ones is all the excitement you will need. If you can avoid traveling, this would undoubtedly be the year to do so. Take advantage of having a newborn, and allow the holidays to come to you. Also, don’t be afraid to say yes to extra helping hands. Your extended family will be eager to spend more time with your new baby. If traveling is inevitable, here are some tips for traveling with children

  1. Expect the Unexpected

No matter how much you prepare, there will always be unexpected surprises with parenthood and the holiday season is no exception. This year will be full of new experiences, so it’s best not to hold on to previous celebrations’ expectations. Take a few traditions from years past and do your best to incorporate them. However, don’t beat yourself up if things occur differently or not as smoothly as once before. 

  1. Stick to Routine Where You Can

Sticking to a newborn’s routine is crucial to keeping the whole family happy. During the holidays, it’s natural to fall out of your usual schedule but be aware of certain signs of what your child may need. If you’ve found a way to fit your holiday plans around your baby’s sleep schedule, you deserve a well-rounded applause. But if not, pay attention to their “sleepy cues.” Watch for when you notice them staring aimlessly or drifting off to try to get them down for a nap. For newborns especially, a good rule of thumb is to keep them awake for about an hour at a time.

A mother’s breastfeeding routine can also be disrupted this time of year. Pay attention to your baby’s feeding cues, and enlist the help of a family member who can find you a quiet, restful place to feed or pump.  

  1. Stay Rested

Rest for you and your baby is crucial for a healthy, happy holiday. Contrary to popular belief, keeping your child awake during the day will not ensure a good night’s sleep. Overly tired infants may have more trouble sleeping than those who frequently nap throughout the day. Pass your beautiful newborn on to a family member and give them the gift of a baby napping in their arms. 

While your child is resting, take the time to relax for yourself as well. 

  1. Start New Family Traditions

Throughout all the craziness, don’t forget to enjoy the time with your new child. Start new family traditions, whether it’s a family photo, a specific recipe, or what everyone wears. You may even unintentionally start a tradition through unexpected events. 

  1. Be Prepared to Document

There are bound to be many photo-ops when spending the holidays with a newborn. With today’s technology, documenting moments is as simple as a click of a button. To capture all of the “firsts,” have other family members on standby with a camera just in case you’re preoccupied. Some of your most cherished memories will occur this time of year. Be prepared to capture the moments you plan for, and the moments you did not anticipate. 

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Our most important tip this holiday season is to enjoy the time with your family. Find joy in every moment, even the ones that come as a surprise. If you need further advice on navigating the holidays with a newborn, we are here to help. Contact us at (919) 896-7066 to consult with a provider today.